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Find Your Perfect Bow

Lena Swamp Archery is the one-stop show for the sportsman who prefers the bow and arrow to other hunting tools. We offer affordable bows for users of varying skill levels. Find and try out many different models of bowhunting options when you visit our Oconto Falls shop and range. We're proud to be working with top-brands like Ravin.

We Stock the Best Brands of Compound Bows

  • Ravin
  • Mathews
  • Hoyt
  • Bear
  • Mission
  • Parker
  • Bowtech
  • Diamond

Pick From Several Designs

Not sure of what model or manufacturer to buy? Try them all! With over 100 bows in stock, we are able to provide your draw weight and draw length so you are able to test the exact fit required. Left-handed? Don't worry! We have over 20 left-handers at all times.

Archery Shop

Bows for All Users

We have bows that are the perfect fit for all levels of users, including women and youth. From the advanced archer to beginner, we have a bow for you. We have a bigger selection than our competitors, and we match competitor prices that are within reason.
Try out any of our bows before you decide to buy. We have our own ranges: 
  • Indoor 2D or 3D range
  • 20 yard range
  • Outdoor 2-tier elevated 80 yard

Call us today to learn about the newest models we have in stock!
"Just 2 minutes off the 4-lane US 41 on the way to Green Bay, this shop has the biggest selection of bowhunting accessories that I have ever seen."

- J.L., Niagara, WI
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