Outstanding Crossbows

Improve Speed, Accuracy, Distance

If you're looking to upgrade from your compound bow, a crossbow may be a viable option for your hunting needs. Come to Lena Swamp Archery and find out how a crossbow is a great option for a sportsman looking for more of a challenge than a rifle.

Get a High-Performance, Accurate Crossbow

We deal with only the best lines of crossbows in the sporting and game industry. Try different manufacturers, models, scopes, and cocking mechanisms. Stop in to try them out on our practice ranges.

Don't Settle for 2nd Rate

We've great crossbow options for men, women, and youth. Our staff has youth programs to teach technique and safety.
  • Ravin
  • Mission
  • TenPoint
  • Wicked Ridge
  • Parker
  • Excalibur
  • Carbon Express
  • Stryker
  • Horton


Guiding Your Selection

Looking for a recurve crossbow? How about a compound? We've many options of both types and can help you pick the one that is your best fit. Try before you buy, sight in before you leave!

Need a safe place to practice your craft? Stop by and utilize our variety of ranges:
  • Indoor 2D/3D range
  • 20 yard range
  • Outdoor 2-tier elevated 80 yard

Call us today to find out about current crossbow specials!
"I drive by 3 other archery shops to get to Lena Swamp because of their willingness to help you get sighted and make sure you are ready to hunt."

- R.T., Menominee, MI
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